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The current stable release is 3.2!

If you have skipped the 3.x series (converting from 2.2) and have RRD data, read the notes about the large model change before starting your new ntop - otherwise you may 'lose' data.

Version checking continues to deliver big benefits. To see the generated data, click here. Surprised? All that data comes from the web server logs! For more info see the Privacy Notice page in your ntop instance.

Existing ntop support?
ntop support is available on a best-efforts basis via two mailing lists (see links at left).
The mailing lists and FAQ sites are a valuable community support effort. Unfortunately, despite many individual's frequent postings, nobody is "responsible" for answering your question. It's all on a "best efforts" basis. Responses may be non-existent, incomplete or inaccurate.
Fee-based Support?
We are sorry, ntopSupport.com is no longer offering fee based support.
For support options, please check the consultancy page at http://www.ntop.org/consultancy.html.
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